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Sinus Lift Surgery: Building the Foundation for Successful Implants

Sinus Lift Surgery (sometimes called Sinus augmentation) is sometimes necessary in order to fit dental implants. It is usually used when there in insufficient space between your sinuses and your upper jaw to be able to fit the implants into your mouth. This can happen for a variety of reasons including bone loss due to previously lost teeth or bone loss due to gum disease.

This surgery is becoming increasingly common due to that fact that more people are having implants fitted. It is considered that this is in turn due to increased sugary and acidic foods in our everyday diets. However, there is little scientific evidence for this.  It is mainly anecdotal. In addition, there may be a link between the increase in Sinus Augmentation and an aging population since sinus can increase in size as you get older.

Sinus Lift surgery is also considered to be very successful with around 90% people who undergo the surgery achieving the desired results. The only reluctance that some people have is the cost involved and although it is a commonplace procedure it must be said that this is a not a minor procedure like having a dental filling. This surgery must be performed by a specialist and it is unlikely that your regular dentist will do it unless they happen to be such a specialist.

In order to perform this surgery bone may be taken from another area of your body. This could be from inside your mouth or an area like the hip. If this proves difficult then sometimes cow bone is used in place of taking bone from another area of your body.  Or else the surgeon will use some bone replacement product.  This is becoming increasingly common.  If he uses real bone, it will of course be ground down for use in the surgery. This part of the procedure is relatively pain free. Your surgeon will make the diagnosis in discussion with you.

During the actually Sinus Lift Surgery the inside of the mouth is cut in the appropriate place and filled with the ground bone before being stitched closed to secure it in place. Although this sounds very dramatic in real terms usually only a very small amount of bone is required to fill the space made.

Some time is given for your mouth to recover from the surgery before any dental implants are attempted. This can be any time scale but between four and nine months is usual. It depends on many factors including your own personal recovery rate. Only when your surgeon or dentist is happy that you have fully recovered from the procedure will implants procedures be considered.

There are a number of painful after effects from Sinus augmentation surgery, not helped by the fact that the mouth is a very sensitive area of the body. But with the right painkillers the entire process can be pain free.  Most likely, your dentist will put you on prescription painkillers and even antibiotics to cut infection risk.  There is also likely to be some swelling in the mouth that is visible on your face, but there should not be excessive bleeding.

Pain control is important in the early recovery stages too, and your surgeon will most likely provide you with a prescription to buy codeine or some other strong painkiller online as well as prescription-strength Ibuprofen to reduce the swelling and inflammation.  Co-codamol is a standby for surgeons in the UK as it contains both codeine and paracetamol. You need to make sure you follow through with your surgeon’s instructions on pain relief as well as antibiotics to ensure that you do not get any infection.  This way your recovery can be as pleasant and pain free as possible.

After around seven to fourteen days after surgery stitches may be removed if they have not dissolved of their own accord, and the stage will be set for you new implants.

Coping with ED

If you are one of the millions of men all over the world dealing with erectile dysfunction (ED), it’s easy to get frustrated with the “sure fire” erectile dysfunction solutions out there on the market today.

It seems like every single day a new company is coming out with some “whiz bang” ED pill, cream, or job that is going to finally clear up your ED problems forever – but most of them are little more than modern-day snake oil being peddled by less than ethical marketers.

It’s enough to make anyone jaded.

However, this is to say that there aren’t a number of effective solutions out there when you’re trying to manage your erectile dysfunction issues. Products like Viagra (built on the back of sildenafil as the “main ingredient”), penis pumps, and even a number of different lifestyle choices can all have a tremendous impact on your erectile health – finally getting you “back in the saddle”, if you know what I mean.

Speak with a medical professional first and foremost

Before you do absolutely anything to manage your ED issues (and certainly before you take any prescription level solutions like Viagra – or anything else that includes sildenafil, for that matter), you’re going to want to speak to a trusted medical professional.

Give them an idea as to the severity of the situation that you’re dealing with right, and help to better understand where you are right now as far as your overall health and wellness is concerned. They’ll also probably give you a quick physical (and maybe even take a bit of blood to be analyzed later), just to get a real idea as to where you are right now.

Once they have all of that information, then (and only then) will they be able to recommend to you a number of erectile dysfunction solutions. They may decide to point you in the direction of Viagra (or another pill/green/pharmaceutical solution), but may very well tell you that you need to make some serious and significant lifestyle changes – or get your hands on a penis pump.

Always (ALWAYS) work with reliable solutions only

After you have gone through your medical inspection, you’re going to be presented with a number of different options to take advantage of.

Each of these options are going to present their own benefits, drawbacks, and potential headaches and hassles that you’ll have to navigate later down the line – which is why you’ll need to make sure that you are choosing the right one for your specific lifestyle (and any other critical criteria you’ve laid out).

However, at the exact same time, you’re going to need to make sure that you are only moving forward with reliable solutions. There can be a bit of a temptation to get your hands on sildenafil-based products like Viagra from third-party resources instead of 100% legitimate pharmacies (online or off), but you need to avoid those temptation’s at all costs.

When you cannot verify the validity of a prescription solution that you’re going to put into your body on a regular basis, you’re always playing with fire – and when we’re talking about erectile dysfunction (or any of the underlying issues that may result in erectile dysfunction), you simply can’t afford to take that risk.

How to make sure that you sleep like a baby every single night

One of the “silent killers” out there is a lack of high quality sleep or insomnia.

Not getting enough sleep each and every single night (we’re talking about any less than seven hours of good, quality, consistent sleep here) is enough to throw your body completely and totally out of whack – and could lead to some pretty real (and dangerous) health conditions later down the line.

According to information published by the American Journal of Medicine (as well as a number of other sources), a lack of high quality sleep can eventually lead to problems like dementia and Alzheimer’s – two major issues that eventually rob you of pretty much everything.

If you want to make sure that you don’t have to deal with those problems later down the line (or to at least lessen your chances of having to fight off those major medical issues), you’ll need to get better quality sleep.

And it’s probably going to take more than counting sheep to do it!

Upgrade your equipment

One of the first things that you’re going to want to do to dramatically improve the quality of your sleep is upgrade all of your “sleep equipment”.

There are a number of manufacturers out there that are producing incredible mattresses, and there’s no excuse to go with anything that is crippling your ability to fall asleep instantly while cradling your body at the same time.

Whether you go with memory foam, “sleep number technology”, or something else entirely makes little difference – you just need to make sure that you’re hitting that sweet spot so that you can fade off inside of 15 minutes of hitting your pillow.

Drop the temperature

Secondly, you’re going to want to think about dropping the temperature in your room when it comes time for bed.

Numerous studies suggest that the perfect temperature for high quality sleep is somewhere between 65° and 70°F – give or take a couple of degrees here or there.

You’ll want to do absolutely everything you can’t make sure that your body’s own biochemistry is in line with your efforts of fading to sleep as quickly as possible, and a big part of that is making sure that your temperature is picture-perfect across the board.

This is a pretty simple and straightforward thing to remedy, but it might take you a bit of an adjustment period to get used to it first.

It’s well worth it.

Get a bit of exercise in before you hit the sack

Finally, a great way to make sure that you’re able to fade off to sleep almost instantly is to get in a bit of exercise before you decide to hit the sack.

Whether this means hitting the gym, going for a quick run, or getting in a bit of “sexy exercise” is completely and entirely up to you.

However, for our money, you just can’t beat a bit of sex to wear you out before it’s time to fall asleep – for obvious reasons.

Obviously, if you are older than the age of 40, you may be dealing with erectile dysfunction issues (or any number of other conditions that may or may not make sex the ideal option).

However, if that’s the case, you’ll definitely want to speak to a doctor to see if you can get a green light for Viagra or other sildenafil based solutions to clear up that erectile dysfunction.

After all, you don’t want to miss out on all the action!

Three supplements to fall in love with after the age of 40

Three supplements to fall in love with after the age of 40

There’s a lot of modern-day snake oil being peddled today.

It seems like every single day some company (usually a brand-new entity, at that) explodes onto the marketplace with the “next big thing” that’s going to change your life forever.

Sometimes they promise muscle boosting supplements that Arnold Schwarzenegger himself would have loved to get his hands on, and other times they promise you erectile dysfunction solutions that will not only give you a rockhard erection but the ability to last for days and days on end (if that’s what you’re into) – all of it junk across the board!

Well, that’s not exactly true.

You see, thanks to some pretty impressive breakthroughs it modern science and research, there are a bunch of different supplements that you can reliably turn to if you’re looking to improve your life after 40.

Some of them are absolute game changers that will totally and completely alter the way you see life after 40, whereas others are more subtle – but just as effective at reducing real and tangible results.

We’ve broken down three of the most important ones below!


Most popularly used by bodybuilders that are looking for every edge and advantage to build incredible amounts of lean muscle mass as fast as possible, you’re going to want to fall in love with creatine for the same reasons – and a couple of others.

Yes, creatine is really going to be able to help you build muscle faster and more efficient. But the real secret (for men over 40, anyways) is that it also is able to help you rebuild and restore your muscles much faster.

You’ll be able to cut down your time in recovery dramatically. You might not bounce back from intense workouts as quickly as you did when you were 25, but it’s going to be noticeable. Get information on the uses and risks of this medication here.

Vitamin D

Most of us find ourselves shackled to our desks indoors for at least eight hours a day, spending the rest of our time parked in front of a screen somewhere – spending next to zero time outdoors.

This has caused our levels of vitamin D to absolutely plummet, which has in turn crippled our ability to fight off depression.

You’ll want to either try to get yourself outside much more than you currently are (for at least an hour every single day under direct sunlight), or start supplementing with vitamin D.


Not exactly a supplement more of a prescription drug, sildenafil (the backbone to Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and other drugs that you probably recognize) is used specifically to treat erectile dysfunction. You can buy sildenafil in the generic form in the UK legally which gives you a big saving over the expensive Pfizer Viagra. This UK sildenafil is essentially a legal genuine form of generic Viagra sold by licensed online pharmacies. This is still not available in the US as the Pfizer Viagra patent is still in effect there..

One of the most potent, powerful, and proven prescription drugs on the planet, if you’re dealing with any performance issues whatsoever you’re going to want to get your hands on this game changer just as quickly as you can.

Speak to a doctor you trust at your earliest convenience and see if they agree that you’ll get serious benefits out of silk beneficial or Viagra.

That little blue pill could completely and totally change your life after 40 forever!

The Science of ED

Of course, almost everyone over the age of 15 knows the ultimate consequence of erectile dysfunction: the inability to get or maintain an erection. This is, in part, thanks to the abundance of commercials for products like Viagra (sildenafil) and Cialis But do you know exactly why that happens? Why does a penis stop functioning properly; what has happened inside the body to cause such a state? Chances are, you don’t know, but you will after you read this. Although it may not seem like it, arousal is a complicated process. Emotions, the brain, nerves, muscles, hormones, and blood vessels all must be working properly for the “magic” to happen, meaning that there are a lot of things that can go wrong. So don’t be ashamed if you have to buy Viagra online. Get more info.

The Erecting Process

When a man is stimulated (by anything—touch, smell, sound, or sight), this triggers the brain which sends information down to the base of the spine. Here, nerve fibers that control blood flow connect to the penis. When sexually aroused, these nerve endings release a substance that causes smooth muscle in the erectile body to relax. This means that blood can flow much more freely into the penis, making it full and rigid and thus producing the erection with which so many are familiar.
In the body, erectile dysfunction occurs when any part of this process is hindered or malfunctions on its own. For example, certain conditions cause the smooth muscles to not relax like they are meant to do, nerve damage can prevent the muscle from relaxing, blood vessels may not allow enough blood flow into the penis for an erection to occur, and these are just some of the mechanisms by which dysfunction happens.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Because there are so many variables involved in the erection process, there are a multitude of things that can cause erection dysfunction, ranging anywhere from blood vessel issues to lifestyle to injury or emotional trauma. Below are some of the many reasons erectile dysfunction occurs :


  • Heart disease Chronic kidney disease Low self-esteem Smoking
  • High cholesterol High blood pressure Depression Using illegal drugs
  • Diabetes Epilepsy Guilt Being overweight
  • Parkinson’s disease COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)
  • Peyronie’s disease (this is the development of scar tissue inside the penis)
  • Enlarged prostate
  • Relationship problems
  • Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol

Nerve damage (can be caused by diabetes, MS, spinal cord damage, and prostate surgery) Hyper & Hypothyroidism

Anxiety (about life in general or about one’s sexual prowess, size, performance, etc.) Prolonged bicycling (compresses nerves and negatively affects blood flow to the penis–this is usually temporary)

Atherosclerosis (clogged blood vessels) Hypogonadism Indifference to one’s partner
Treatments for prostate cancer (such as radiation, prostate removal, and hormone treatments) Scleroderma (hardening of the skin) Fear of failure (especially if erectile dysfunction has happened to you in the moment already)

Multiple sclerosis Stroke Fatigue

Hormone deficiency (such as low testosterone) Alzheimer’s disease Stress

Metabolic syndrome Some prescription medications (such as SSRIs)

Sickle cell anemia Venous leak

When to Seek Help

If you continuously suffer from erectile dysfunction episodes, you should see a doctor. Aside from the help he or she can give you with getting your sex life back on track, they can also save your life. If you look at the chart above, you should notice that a number of those medical conditions are rather serious, some are even fatal. In cases like this, erectile dysfunction isn’t so much the condition, but the side-effect of a much more serious disease. You may think nothing of it, or be too embarrassed to talk to a doctor about erectile dysfunction difficulties. In response to the latter, do not feel ashamed of any ED problems you are having—doctors see a lot worse all of the time and ED is actually quite common, especially as age progresses. Therefore, not only can seeking erectile dysfunction treatment save your relationship, self-esteem, and sex life, but it can also keep your from dying or becoming seriously ill due to a more severe disease.